Sunday, July 23, 2006

No more wimpy Christians.

"Americans are being portrayed to the world (courtesy of GW Bush) as queers, with effeminate and emasculated men and un-natural women. It is just plain wrong. Thankfully, Skins [skinhead neo-nazis] portray Americans who are not flabby and decadent and who show a positive lifestyle choice."


Blogger Hiraeth said...

The above mentioned wallahs are warts upon the face of humanity and I discard them.

Mark, many of these chaps hate your average Christian as 'effeminate' as Christianity as 'weak' and making society weaker. Like Gibbon, they believe that Christianity weakened the Roman Empire and caused it to fall. They would prefer a sort of paganism, a return to the pantheon of Rome or the Norse gods.

How do I know? Well, conversations with the odd (and I mean very odd) racist, reading their papers and a forum I was on years ago that I left when it lurched to the far right.

Fine, there may be some self-described 'Christian' Nazis out there. I say they are wicked people, whatever they may say they believe, just as there are some ghastly people who are atheists, like Stalin, Pol Pol and Enver Hoxha with whom you would no doubt be anxious to disassociate yourself.

4:11 AM  
Blogger Mark Cote said...

yeah, a bit of a stretch I'll admit.

9:59 PM  
Blogger alex said...

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3:59 PM  
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